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Dürfen Eltern ihre Kinder mit dem Smartphone überwachen? Und wenn sie es tun: Was müssen Sie beachten? Strafe muss sein!


Ihr zwölfjähriger Sohn hat sein Smartphone unter einer Bedingung bekommen: dass er damit für sie erreichbar ist. Doch wenn sie ihn anruft, geht er oft nicht dran. Ruft der Sohn nicht zurück, sperrt sie sein Smartphone aus der Ferne. Auf dem verriegelten Gerät funktionieren nur noch zwei Nummern: die für den Notruf und die der Eltern. Um das zu ändern, ist ein Code nötig, den die Kinder nur von den Eltern bekommen können.

Um dem Nachwuchs bei der Mediennutzung auf die Finger zu schauen, müssen Eltern keine Informatikexperten sein. All diese Möglichkeiten stehen in der Schweiz theoretisch sehr vielen Eltern offen, da hier gemäss aktueller James-Studie 97 Prozent der jungen Handybesitzer ein Smartphone nutzen.

iPhone-Nutzung der Kinder überwachen mit mSpy

Die technische Voraussetzung für eine Überwachung ist also gegeben. The test table shows that while many apps have a large selection of categories, they still have difficulties weeding them out. Which means that with active protection, surfing is practically impossible. Google's Family Link does indeed separate out pornography, yet it is indifferent to all other categories, allowing unhindered access to them.

The apps included in the test only for comparison demonstrate good filtering performance in the existing categories, with some exceptions. The Android apps from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec cover all tested categories and thus filter relatively well in each of them. Unfortunately, it was not technically possible test the iOS versions. Except the parental control for Amazon's Kindle.

If children are performing a search via a search engine, there are providers such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, offering the "safe search" function. Some tools automatically activate this function — however, only for selected search engines. This differs among the tools of the operating systems: Google Family Link exclusively recognizes Google, iOS activates its safe search in nearly all search engines.

The apps from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec respond exactly the same way. This function is irrelevant for Amazon. In terms of reports, there is virtually nothing found in the operating system tools. The apps from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec record practically everything: the visited and blocked websites, along with a search history. And an overview of all prohibited actions can be found here as well. Children are quick to divulge personal information such as their address, phone number or the name of their school.

Überwachungs-Apps: Was Eltern beachten müssen

The mobile operating systems offer no monitoring assistance whatsoever in this area. The social media control from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec at least successfully prevents this type of privacy breach for Facebook. Only Symantec in its apps for iOS and Android offers an entry control of previously-defined personal data.

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Many unsuitable websites, such as forums, query this personal data. That is why good website filtering is also very helpful. As already mentioned above, the system tools offer no effective assistance in this case, except on the subject of pornography.

Von Sperren bis Mithören

And the apps included in the test for comparison also assist in pre-filtering. In case it happens anyway and details are entered, this ought to also be documented in a report. But that is a function which in turn is only offered by Kaspersky Lab and Symantec. Via a web account, the detailed reports of the parental control app can be called up. The app keeps track of all alarms and activities of a child in a report — also over the space of several days.

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  • The protection functions of the system are a good approach, but not sufficient. There are only up to 30 days of reports on the usage times of apps. There are already very few functions — and unfortunately no reports. Mobile devices are generally online 24 hours a day and always immediately operational.

    Which is why there is a large temptation to quickly pick up the device, see what's going on, or to play a quick round.

    If the mobile device is even taken into the child's room in the evening, you can usually kiss control goodbye. As a result, the testers expect a control package to have the following functions: a time control of the devices or online use, an app control, automatic blocking of various websites and a reporting function.

    All parental control systems work with a profile in which the restricted times are already managed for a device according to age group and can also be adjusted. This function works quite well. In terms of app controls, it's a different story. Google's Android allows for control. With Amazon, the main user shares an app with the child or not.

    Kinder hassen diese APP Screen Time Zeit verwalten die Kinder an Handy oder Tablet verbringen

    No additional control is possible. If children play or surf with the device despite a time-out, then the access to forbidden websites ought to at least be blocked. As already mentioned above, compared to the operating systems, only Kaspersky Lab and Symantec do a good job of this.

    So bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden

    This becomes even more apparent in the reporting functions: on the paid apps from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec, everything is logged, whereas the systems record virtually nothing. In buying propositions, dealers love to create time pressure by including "today only" in the ad, for example. Many parents fall for this trick — with children, the number is even higher. Safe Lagoon Software. Für Erwachsene und Kinder.

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    Out of the Park Apps. Android-Jugendschutz, damit Kinder nur die kindersicheren Apps benutzen können. Screen Time — Elternkontrolle. Ez Life Inc. Sie verbringen täglich viel Zeit mit Ihrem Telefon?